Solace(2015)-Anthony Hopkins

So Solace is my favorite movie right now.

John Clancy lives in solitude, separated from his wife after his daughter’s death. FBI agent Joe calls on him for assistance in a serial killing case because John has a psychic ability to pick up information from objects and people, and this killer is leaving clues but no forensic detail. The trouble is, John determines, that the killer has similar abilities to John’s, only better.

If you are into mystic crime drama, this one is for you. With epic pictures and great camera features this movie is a neat crime drama.

I’m a little bit suspect because I love Anthony Hopkins movies , they are captivating , fine and worth your time. He’s  getting older , but  this Actor delivers every time ! Would recommend this to anyone !

If I have to describe this movie in just three words, I would say: Top mystery thriller.

On a scale of 0 to 10 is without any doubt a 9.


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