“Zahl der Toten durch Lkw-Attacke steigt auf 80”-DIE WELT

“Más de 80 muertos en un atentado en Niza”-2o MINUTOS

“Camion attaque contre la foule à Nice au moins 84 morts”-RFI

“Estado Islâmico reivindica ataque de Nice”-RTP

Before we were Nice, we gotta be Reyhanli, Haditha, Idlib, Beshir, Jalula, Mosul, Baquba, Tikrit, Baghdad, Aleppo, Homs, Raqqa etc…

The world woke up after a bloody night in Nice with a great astonishment. But what is the amazement, France was advised of the possibility of attacks in its territory due to the euro 2016, what we saw though was quite planned, waiting for the end of the UEFA European, and setting the French national day as the day of the killing spree.

I see a lot of people to ask themselves why it happened in nice. Well for me it’s simple, and in this I agree with President Barack Obama, the attack in Nice was an attack against humanity and not against a country or a city.

In my honest opinion I think we must be prepared, and with this we I mean humanity, there are no safe places, what exist is less dangerous places.

We can’t just worry about attacks in France, just because it’s in Europe, it is no coincidence that there are thousands of people who cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of peace, denied to them in their country of origin in his own House.



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