Visit Portugal! (Part 1)

Hi guys today I’ll talk about my country. I’m obviously Portuguese and I’ll explain to you how I live here. This article will have 2 parts that will come out in the next days.

The Portuguese territory has a total area of 92 090 km ², we may be small in size and in number (10 374 822) but I can guarantee that we are giants in everything else.

Everyone knows Portuguese personalities as amalia Rodrigues, the Queen of Fado; Cristiano Ronaldo, Camões or Fernando Pessoa. Every day in Portugal we receive news of grandiose achievements reached by Portuguese people abroad in sport, music and ending up in the cinema, for example.

I can say that we are proud of what we have achieved because we are a united country.Portugal is a developed country, with a human development index (HDI) considered as very high. The country was ranked in 19th position in quality of life (2005).

Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, Portugal is one of the European countries more pleasing: the annual average temperature in mainland Portugal varies from 13° C in the mountainous interior north to 18° C in the south, so if you are nordic come to our beautiful country.

The official language of Portugal is the Portuguese, adopted in 1290 by King Dinis’s Decree. With more than 210,000,000 native speakers, is the fifth most spoken language in the world.

To conclude the first part of the articule I’ll talk about our capital Lisboa or Lisbon, on of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as you can see in the image.But there are other equally beautiful and interesting towns like Porto/Oporto; Coimbra or Funchal.lisboa.jpg


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