How To Live In Portugal? (Part 2)

Hi. Here is the part number 2 of this article about living on my country (Portugal).

Imagine living in a country where you will find a great diversity of landscapes and environments to short distances: sandy beaches, mountains and Golden Plains, vibrant cities etc…

We Portuguese, are friendly and welcoming and we receive all visitors from where they are. The visitors come from various parts of the world since the country is located on the West coast of Europe, therefore, a port of entry into the Schengen Area.

Did you know that Lisbon is only 2 and a half hours flight from Paris or London? If you want to discover the beauties of Portugal, the country is served by a modern network of roads: if from Lisbon it will only take 2 hours to Porto or Faro.

Portugal applies a democratic parliamentary regime with political stability. Portugal is a member of the European Union for 26 years and is part of the European monetary system, using the single European currency. According to the World Bank, Portugal is the 43rd largest economy in the World. We are the 17th most peaceful country in the world in a sample of 153 countries.

For most foreigners, the cost of living is considered low. Portugal is also one of the best countries to buy the House because it has clear and transparent tax rules and provides facilities in obtaining the residence permit

So What are you waiting for come visit us and maybe you will fall in love with my country.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophia Cho says:

    I really want to visit Portugal one day! I heard it’s so beautiful! Also, please check out my latest post, it’d mean a lot! Xx


    1. Portugal is waiting for you xD I´m sure that you will love my country. i’ll read your posts soon Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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