My Dream CITY

Hi! So many times I dream of this city, so many times I wonder when I’m going to visit or even live there. I really have the goal, one day I’ll live in this city, for me is out of this world.

Maybe I’m influenced from what I see in movies or read in books but being curious, I always learn more about it, and I think the problem starts right there. I find myself dreaming about huge skyscrapers , with luxury penthouses on top of these same infrastructures. Well! I know that if I ever come to live there, I’ll not be in these luxurious and expensive buildings. But I know dream is still free so I have to enjoy it.

Well I think almost all of us love this town because of the movies filmed on it!

Everyone is curious about visiting this cultural monster and with people from all over the world.

Okay I believe you must have realized what city I’m talking about, the city of my dreams, the city of your dreams, the city that never sleeps, NEW YORK.


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