Dreams will be dreams

Everyday I think about my objectives, my goals, my dreams. I’m the type of guy that are very ambitious, everything I do I want to win, I want to do better and I want to go to until limits. I hate losing!!! Just that.

It’s normal to hear that dreaming is free, and that’s true but there are dreams that can turn into illusion. Yesterday I’m thought about my long term goals, and discovered maybe I’m to ambitious. It’s very complicated to me to deal with that ambitious, that pressure and so on.

I don’t wanna be the old lad who’s apologize for everything I did in the past. But in the other hand, I’m afraid of doing something wrong. It’s a dilema for me.

I just want to tell everyone one something. There are to things in life that are completely certain, the death and the regrets. If you do something that went wrong you will regret that, if you don’t do that thing you will regret that. So in the end regrets will be certain.

Make sure to be happy!!


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