EDM legend Avicci

From Stockholm for the world, it’s Tim Bergling, the Swedish EDM DJ and producer known as Avicii, who died Friday at the age of 28. A cause of death was not immediately revealed. It’s hard to heard that a young producer such as Avicci passed away.

He died after two yers without any concert, one of the highest-paid DJs on the EDM circuit, canceled a series of concerts, due to health problems.

I saw a live concert of him back in 2016, at parque da bela vista Rock in Rio Lisbon. At the time Avicci don’t look great to me, the show was amazing and I really liked it, but I remember that I don’t liked very much his attitude. He smoked at every single music and drunk too much. Ok he’s one of the best producers in EDM industry, but he lost his mind. I don’t know what happened yesterday in Omã, but he lost his mind a years ago.

Two years now he said:

“I needed to figure out my life. The whole thing was about success for the sake of success. I wasn’t getting any happiness anymore.”

So, that’s it I don’t have any words more.

RIP TIM BERGLING aka Avicci 1989-2018


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