The new A6 avant

Audi show us the new A6 avant in a James Bond scenario. Nowadays, there are many clients who prefer SUV models, but other types of versatile cars are on the market. So the new avant is here for that.Now he have a new singleframe grill, a new back support more aggressive and so on. The new lights in front and at the back with LED technology is also a new point to consider. The most curious is the enlargement of the mudguards in tribute to the Audi Quattro and Quattro S1.

Now let’s talk about the motorizations, this new van will be in the market with mild hybrid motors, so one small electric motor to help the principal combustion engine. Whit that system the consumptions drop. In terms of power, there will be engines with 204 cv and 340 cv.

So for conclusion I have some pictures of the new Audi A6 Avant.


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