Hereditary (2018) Movie

Well, last Thursday I had the opportunity to see the movie, Hereditary.
I took a few minutes to choose the movie I wanted to see. But it was this movie that caught my attention, and I can say that I did not regret it. I entered the room with that idea, that I would see a movie of mystery and suspense, like so many others. But it was not that, there I found, I found a wonderfully made triller.

The film focuses  my attention from the first minutes yo last ones, that is certain. As you know, I do not really like to give any concrete information about the film(SPOILER ALERT), because in my opinion it loses all the interest, so I suggest you, to watch the movie trailer and make your decision. Some people say that the film is the best horror movie of the last 10 years, at the level of classics like the Exorcist.
A psychedelic thriller that moves with anyone and does not leave anyone indifferent. According to IMDB, we have a score of 7,6, which is one of the best horror movies of all time, entering the top 100.

Without doubt a good choice, I urge everyone to see this mysterious and disturbing work.

#movie #hereditary #horror #thriller


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