Youtube FameūüĎć

Quem nunca sonhou ter um canal de youtube com milh√Ķes de seguidores?! Ter um canal de youtube tem alguns segredos que diferenciam a fama do esquecimento. Primeiro √† que escolher o tema e o p√ļblico alvo, depois √† que ter tempo para editar os v√≠deos e fazer upload dos mesmos com alguma regularidade. Como devem…

2004-L 2016-? Will USA Win?

Hi!¬†I’m at this moment watching the match of the super World Basketball power, the United States. We’re passionate about professional league the NBA because it’s the best league in the world.¬†Those who follow the sport can ¬†easily say that College league of the United States of America is better¬†than the Euroleague (top of Europe). The…

Bronze for my country

I’m proud to say that my country Portugal ends up winning a bronze medal at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Telma monteiro who actually represents the Club I support (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) gave the 24 Medal of the history of Portugal and the second in Judo, after Nuno Delgado in Sydney 2000. As you…

End Of The World N¬ļ127

Many of you during your lives must have heard of ¬†the end of the world.¬†Almost every year we talk of a new apocalypse, what I want to say is that fake but many of these theories come to be confirmed scientifically by Nasa. What I can guarantee is that up to now nothing has happened….

The real Amazing World

Every day, the world transforms us into real hostages and it becoming increasingly irrational beings, such as pointing to the illustrations below. ©Steve Cutts ©John Holcroft ©John Holcroft Tumblr ©John Holcroft Sorry for the long post. Hope you enjoy.:)


“Zahl der Toten durch Lkw-Attacke steigt auf 80”-DIE WELT “M√°s de 80 muertos en un atentado en Niza”-2o MINUTOS “Camion attaque contre la foule √† Nice au moins 84 morts”-RFI “Estado Isl√Ęmico reivindica ataque de Nice”-RTP Before we were Nice, we gotta be Reyhanli, Haditha, Idlib, Beshir, Jalula, Mosul, Baquba, Tikrit, Baghdad, Aleppo, Homs, Raqqa…

Pok√©mon GO-The New “Plague”-Download

Hi!¬†I’m ready to say that the world has gone insane due to the new ¬†“plague”¬†Pokemon Go. According to Wikipedia¬†Pok√©mon GO is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and published by The Pok√©mon Company as part of the Pok√©mon franchise. It was released worldwide in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices….